Yesterday I went to the unveiling ceremony for Raleigh’s first two electric vehicle charging stations that will be available to the public. The city plans to use stimulus funds to install a total of 25-30 stations in the near future.

Eaton Corporation had a booth displaying several of its charging stations. Most take around four hours to complete recharge a car, but they make a quick charger that can provide a charge in thirty minutes. It will be interesting to see how these sorts of chargers are used once they become more widespread. The regular chargers would probably make the most sense for homes and workplaces, where people can afford the wait. However, the quick chargers still take considerably longer than filling a gas tank. They might make a lot of sense at places like movie theaters or restaurants, where customers typically linger for a while. Would owners of this type of business be motivated to install charging stations as a way to attract customers and hold them captive while their car is charging?

Tesla roadster and other car

I was amused by the contrast between these two cars - a Tesla Roadster and a Gem Ilderton.