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My name is Megan Culler. I work for the US Environmental Protection Agency’s RTP office as a GIS contractor. I have a Master of City and Regional Planning from UNC-Chapel Hill and a graduate certificate in GIS from NCSU, and I am interested in land and water use, brownfields, and transportation. I live in Chapel Hill, NC.

You can see my resume or my LinkedIn profile, and you can contact me at

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  1. I agree with your observations and notice how hard it is to get big geographical info, like how many square feet of person per person paved in the US in high density vs. low density areas. Looking for that is how I found you. I write books on “ecocities,” in fact that’s the name of one of my books. Plus I organize conferences and have an NGO. Do send me an e-mail if you’d like to communicate. I’ll send you a picture I took of Menlo Park that is all trees, which makes satellite imagery of the place useless for paving studies. All trees! Looks like a forest but probably 70% concrete, asphalt, asphalt roof shingles, and tar and gravel roofing!

    Richard Register,

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